Credit origination simplified for digital lenders.

Debt recovery begins at credit origination. Tilly ensures you are lending to the right borrowers.

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Built by world-class engineers and leaders

Everything to optimize your lending workflow.

Each lending business is unique - Tilly provides a flexible data platform to super-charge your credit risk process.

Tilly unifies multiple disparate sources of financial data and enables full automation of your credit underwriting.

360 degree view of financial & identity data.

Debt recovery begins at credit origination. Tilly ensures you are lending to the right borrowers.

Financial data

Integrate with multiple financial services.

How a borrower handles their finances matters to your business: Tilly integrates with multiple financial services including banks, mobile money, e-commerce, investment platforms to unify a borrowers finances.

Identity data

Integrate with accredited identity providers.

Who you lend to determines whether they will pay back. Tilly integrates with accredited identity providers and government agencies to enable you seamlessly verify the identity of a borrower.


Find underlying patterns in the way a borrower uses your service.

The most critical information to make a lending decision may be non-obvious. Tilly helps you find underlying patterns in the way a borrower uses your service and repayment behaviour.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at team[at]tilly-intelligence[dot]com and we will get back to you.

    • What is Tilly (for lenders)?

      Tilly (for lenders) enables digital lenders in Kenya to optimize their lending workflows so they can focus on growth. This includes tools to automate credit origination, and for underwriting decisions.

    • What is Tilly (for borrowers)?

      Tilly (for borrowers) enables everyone to unify their identity and financial data, and share it seamlessly with third party services. It enables borrowers control the provenance and sharing of their financial data. We want everyone to take control of their own data!

    • How does Tilly work?

      Tilly works by integrating into multiple and disparate financial, and identity data sources that give insight into the credit-worthiness of a borrower. Tilly ensures the integrity of the data that flows into your credit underwriting process.

    • What data is available using Tilly?

      See links below for our rapidly growing list of datasources available using Tilly.

    • Does Tilly provide credit scores?

      Tilly does not provide out-of-the-box credit scoring. Tilly empowers you to develop score-cards based on data that borrowers share with you.

    • How will Tilly improve my credit underwriting?

      Tilly optimizes your lending workflows so that your business focus on growth. By automating your credit origination and due dilligence process, you can minimize credit risk and grow your lending book.

    • How does Tilly handle data from borrowers?

      All data shared on Tilly is in compliance with the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner guidelines, and treated with highest level of data security. See link below for our privacy policy.

    • How is the transmitted data protected?

      All data shared on Tilly is securely processed and transmitted.

    • Where can I learn about Tilly’s privacy and data protection?

      See link below for our privacy policy.